The Sonoma Experience

The Home Buying Experience

Sonoma Homes is committed to providing outstanding customer experiences and value for each of our homeowners like they are an extension of our Sonoma family.

Our goal is to design our homes with what is important to our homeowners and their lifestyles.

From beginning to end and beyond, the Sonoma Homes team will assist you every step of the way. Creating one great customer experience after another is what you will receive from our expert sales team. Our professional, knowledgeable and helpful sales agents value the care and attention they give to each client in helping them to make their home buying experience with Sonoma Homes exceptional.

The Home Buying Process...Here is what you need to know
  1. Fantastic! You have made the decision to buy a new home built by Sonoma Homes! Upon leaving the deposit and signing the Purchase and Sales Agreement, you will have a 10 day period for Lawyer review.
  2. Congratulations! You’re officially a new home owner! Once the 10 day review period is over, your deal is firm and binding.
  3. Time to start planning! The Sonoma Homes Design Consultant will contact you to schedule a meeting with you to select your finishes.
  4. Once you receive an emailed copy of the details as per your Design and Selections meeting, you will review and sign off on the selections and finishes that you chose at the appointment. The email will outline the date that the items need to be signed off on and payment structure for any upgrades that may have been selected and purchased.
  5. Now that your selections are finalized, the construction of your home will be well under way.

The Construction Process

Sonoma Homes maintains a high standard of building excellence. Quality is our focus and our tradespeople are exceedingly qualified professionals who share the same focus. We are proud of the hands on attention and care put into every Sonoma new built home and the dedication to creating each welcoming Sonoma Homes community. Our promise to our homeowners is unsurpassed quality and to build structurally sound homes using superior building practices. It is a privilege to be your trusted builder.

What to Expect at Your Pre Delivery Inspection Appointment (PDI)

Your PDI appointment is your TARION Pre Delivery Inspection appointment. At this appointment you will have the opportunity to walk through your home before the closing date to ensure that the features and finishes that you ordered have been installed. A Sonoma Homes representative will do the walk through with you and explain to you important information pertaining to your home. The PDI appointment is reserved for the homeowners on title of the home. If for whatever reason the homeowners are unable to attend the appointment, then a designate may be appointed in place of the homeowner to conduct the PDI appointment. Please see below for a general outline of what to expect at your PDI appointment:

  1. The Sonoma Homes Design Consultant will email you with an appointment date for your Pre Delivery Inspection walk through
  2. The PDI appointment will be conducted according to the direction of the Sonoma Homes team one room at a time.
  3. The PDI appointment is your opportunity to note if there are any discrepancies in accordance with the TARION Guidelines. Should there be any discrepancies, Sonoma Homes will work efficiently to ensure that the deficiency will be rectified prior to the closing date or on a scheduled date shortly after the closing date.
  4. During your walk through important information such as maintenance of your home will be explained to you.
  5. At the PDI appointment you will receive your TARION New Home Warranty Information Package which will have important information regarding your home warranty and significant dates and a copy of your TARION warranty certificate.
  6. The PDI appointment time slots take place during the hours of 9:30 am and 2:30 pm.

What can I expect on my Closing Date

The day has arrived! Your closing date! Congratulations! We understand what an exciting day this is for you but there are a few things to note about your closing date. Please see the list below:

  • Your house deal is closed only when you hear from our Sonoma Homes office. This process with the lawyers and bank institutes sometimes takes the majority of the day to complete. So please be patient and please wait for our phone call or email before sending your moving truck to the new home.

  • We strongly do not recommend any deliveries of new appliances, new furniture, scheduling of the cable company and scheduling of the security company, or any other services, on the day of closing due to the fact, that an exact closing time of the day is unpredictable because this is dependent on bank institutions and the completion of lawyers’ paperwork. Sonoma Homes will not give access into the home under any circumstances, prior to the home being closed legally and until Sonoma Homes receives notification from our lawyer. Unfortunately, we cannot store any of your personal belongings anywhere in the home or on the property waiting for your home to officially close.

  • Once we have notified you that your house deal is closed then we will make arrangements for you to meet a Sonoma Homes representative in front of your new home.

  • If there were any deficiencies noted at your PDI, then the Sonoma Homes representative will show you that the item has been rectified or will discuss with you that the item still may need servicing

  • Enjoy your moving day and your new home!

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